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Many of America's reknown portrait artists have an eye and ability to recreate images reflecting their subjects. Mr. Chappelear combines an innate talent, years of perfecting his art and utilizing state-of-the-art visual preparation to capture a three- dimensional perception of his subjects. During an extraordinary career, he has created lasting images of the human experience from newsroom to Madison Avenue - dramatic illustrations of the people in courtrooms, corporate boardrooms ... intimate portraits of political, athletic and family notables.Today, his portfolio is proof of an ability to create the essence of his subjects, in oils. pastels, charcoal and other media. The integrity of materials, finish and canvas are archival quality.
Mr. Chappelear confirms a place, date and time to meet subject or subjects. Advanced preparation includes clothing, make-up and hair styl e preferences, which must be in place for interview and posing. Using digital video and still photographjy, he records images and concurrently establishes rapport and understanding of the portrait subject. The site is usually the client's premises.

As subject(s) pose in chosen settings, Mr. Chappelear videotapes expressions, motions, hand movements, which is viewed frame by frame to select desired pose/expression. The chosen frame is replicated using digital still imaging. Perception of family, individuals and groups is discussed with the artist. A dimensional 180-degree image is taken head-on and in two profile views, provding the artist the chosen pose references for actual painting. An enlarged full-color print is submitted to the client for approval to proceed to finished painting.

Time element: 
Initial contact: Usually by phone and e-mail - arrangements are confirmed for sitting based on date, time, place, dress, make-up, hair, location setting.

Artist requires one-day session at prescribed sitting - on location or studio.

Chosen pose photo print is sent to client for final approval.

Above guidelines are subject to variations to meet client's schedule.

Mutual communication is essential.

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